The Newly Engaged Love Chachkies

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What’s a Chachkie? Chackies are my slang term for “I Shouldn’t Have.” These are the decisions and tacky purchases that brides make prematurely that have a poor and costly impact on their final decor outcome. I see it all the time and it’s a common problem among DIY brides. Brides can’t resist jumping into “buying mode” the second they get engaged. Who can blame them? It’s an exciting time!

As soon as an engagement ring is slipped on a bride’s finger, brides are like a race horse out of an open gate. That excitement needs to be vented, and shopping is a great way to vent that excitement. But the real issue is that opening your wallet too soon is extremely costly. Without a decor plan, mistakes get made and it’s a costly and frustrating lesson.

Chachkies are hard to resist.
Getting a good deal on something is one of the biggest forces behind buying Chachkies. When it’s a deal, it’s more enticing. But deals aren’t deals if they aren’t well thought out. If you jump into the wrong purchase, one bad purchase can take you on a crazy detour that you’ll end up regretting.

You don’t want your wedding decor looking like a dollar store. (That’s not to say you can’t use products from there!) You can get some great stuff there. The trick is, you don’t want your decor to look like it came from there.

If you can  hold off on ALL your decorating purchases until you have a solid decor plan in your hand- you’ll be ahead of the game.

I recommend you let the excitement of your engagement settle first.Wait until you have a solid picture of all the details. If you don’t, then you’re tossing money into the wind.

When you understand how to avoid the “I shouldn’t have” purchases and you do your decor in the right order, then it’s easy to create a wedding decor masterpiece.

Here’s the order I suggest in my Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™:

1) Define Your Decor Plan
2) Choose Your Ideal Venue
3) Co-ordinate All The Elements (Don’t buy a thing before this step!)
4) Create your Projects
5) Delegate your set up & tear down

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Hugs, Kim Caswell
The Wedding Decor Mentor