Kim didn’t know she didn’t have to spend a fortune on her wedding decor (to look like she did!)
Why didn’t she call me?


Although we share the same first name, there’s not much that Kim Kardashian and I have in common. Especially when it comes to our spending habits and weddings. It appears that Kim and Kanye West tried to spend as much as they could on their wedding. Kind of like the reverse of saving. I know, crazy hey!

It doesn’t make sense to those of us who live in the real world. Especially me. I’ve built my entire profession trying to find the most affordable way to do something. The hound dog in me is trained to sniff out the deals. Mrs. West likely doesn’t need my money saving talent, but I’m guessing you might?

In my 10+ years as a professional wedding designer/decorator I heard the same phrase over and over again from brides…

“I want this…, but I only have this much to spend.”
(There was usually a BIG gap between the two)

 So, instead of saying “Sorry, you’re crazy, that’s impossible!” I got innovative. I looked for ways to make it happen on what little money they had. I made the impossible, possible. And frankly, I kind of thrive on the challenge. Deep down I’m an inventor.

Did you see Kim Kardashian’s wall of flowers? If you did, you know how beautiful it was. It was breathtaking, but it was also incredibly costly. I’m sure it was a big contribution to their 12 million dollar wedding tab.

And as soon as I saw it I couldn’t help imagining how I could duplicate it…
(But of course, for a fraction of the price!)

Have you ever seen the beautiful gowns the celebrities wear at the Oscars?  They cost tens of thousands of dollars and few regular folk can ever afford them until a savvy designer steps up and duplicates them for a fraction of the price.

That’s me! But with Wedding Decor.
(And that’s what I’ve done with Kim’s Wall of Flowers)
(I’ve created an affordable version of it in paper for under $200)

Kim Caswells Bella Blossom Wall

I made it with paper and it won’t wilt! I’m proud of it because it’s so pretty and unique! The photos don’t do it justice.  It’s so simple to create and ANYONE can do it!

I thrive on helping brides pay less, not more! And I’m guessing you probably like deals as much as I do. For $200 you could make a breathtaking 8 foot high and 20 foot long flower wall. Heck, you could probably sell it for more than it cost you to make. I know! How awesome is that!!!

So, the moral of the story…You don’t need to be Kim Kardashian to have a celebrity wedding.  As long as I’m in the wedding scene- I’ll be inventing, experimenting and churning out cool projects to make you feel like the princess you are!

To learn how you can make your own Bella Blossom Flower Wall check out my Secret Vault at

Hugs, Kim Caswell
The Wedding Decor Mentor