Before You Get Excited…


Let me explain…This has absolutely nothing to do with wedding decor, or the sex for that matter. It does however involve an insight on the subject of your groomsmen and sweat. After decorating hundreds of weddings I’ve seen something that I think you will benefit from by knowing. It only makes sense to share it with you so you can spare the expense of it happening to you.

Almost every time I decorate a wedding I see  this happen…

There’s something men do naturally when they get hot and sweaty. Can you guess? By the end of the night there isn’t one groomsman that doesn’t do it. After a few drinks, and a few polkas and a bird dance they get all revved up…and they get hot! And in attempt to relieve themselves of their heat they rip off their ties and toss off their suit jackets. And this might seem relevant to you now, but it is at the end of the night.

At the end of the night as the party winds down and the groomsmen are staggering to find their belongings, they have no clue where they left their suit jackets. I see it at almost every wedding…The mother of the groom is in a state of panic hunting for the jackets. She’s the one that has paid for them and is responsible to return them to the rental company. And like pulling teeth, alcohol can create a barrier to remembering where they left their attire.

groomsman dancing
Just You Wait…It’s Comin!

These men are loose and limber of the mind and few will have the wit they had at the beginning of the night. And this poses a problem. When a jacket or tie goes missing. It’s a very expensive loss. A lost tie can be close to a hundred dollar penalty and a jacket can cost several hundred.

Here’s the Solution:

Simply, LABEL the inside of each groomsman’s jacket and tie with their name written on a piece of masking tape on the inside.  That way there’s no confusion when something goes missing and is lost.

Make sure… You tell each of the groomsmen they are responsible for the cost should their apparel get lost. By stating this policy to them in advance “You lose it-you pay for it!” your groomsmen will be more responsible. This prevents you from having to have a difficult conversation later.

Make a Suggestion to the men…
Request that after the first few dances, they place their jackets/ties on their head table chair. That way they can be easily collected at the end of the night. And if something goes missing, the masking tape will tell the truth. You’ll know who the guilty party is!

Hope my little tip helps!

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Hugs, Kim Caswell
The Wedding Decor Mentor