decorate my wedding DIYYou’ll get all the resources & tools to create your own wedding decor design from scratch-
But if you need inspiration or ideas for a wedding decor design-

I’ve created these (6) design templates to help you.

 Now Get Access to All of the Collections!

It’s Included with The Blueprint!

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The Bella Blossom Collection

Final Gallery Bella Blossom

The Bella Blossom Collection

With each collection template you’ll get the step-by-step diagrams/video INSTRUCTIONS!

I’ll even tell you where to buy each item wholesale for the best price!

You’ll Save Time, Money & Look Like a Decorating SUPERSTAR!

No More Guessing, Stressing or Overpaying for your Wedding Decor
Decorate Your Wedding Like A Professional
(for a fraction of the cost!)
Kim Caswell’s
The Gatsby Collection

The Gatsby Collection

Customize any of these collections to YOUR color choice

Simply… change the color of your lighting!

(This collection is done in white fabric lit with purple lighting!)

*Prices Shown For Each Collection Are Based On:
*Purchase of Backdrop Supplies, Head Table Centerpieces Supplies,
Head Table Skirting & Online Rental of Lighting
(Guest Table Centerpiece Not Included As Cost Depend On # of Guests.)
(taxes & shipping are additional)
Kim Caswell’s
The Bombay Collection

Final Gallery Bombay

The Bombay Collection

You’ll Love how EASY I’ve made it for you to make this!

You won’t have to guess at a thing… I’ll show you

how to make it & tell you where to buy every single item!

(It’s ALL in the Blueprint & my Little Black Book of Wholesalers!)

The Curly Willow Collection

The Curly Willow Collection

You’ll be SURPRISED when you see how far your money will go…

with my DECADE of expertise helping you!

Get ready to see your basic banquet room transform into a

Breathtaking Ballroom.

Sell or Rent Your Wedding Decor After You’re Done With It!
Get Back a Good Chunk of Your Decorating Investment!
(Sell Your Decor To Some Lucky Bride!)
Kim Caswell’s
The Café Ole Collection

The Café Ole Collection

Find out how to use LOW COST supplies to make a BIG Impact!

Make your wedding look like a Million Bucks!

(Your guests will “THINK” you spent a FORTUNE)

Decorating A Wedding Has Never Been This…
No Bride Has To Look Like An Amateur Again!
(Professional Decor for a DIY price!)
Kim Caswell’s
The Country Chic Collection

The Country Chic Collection

Decorate Your Wedding The EASY Way…

Get the SHORT CUT to Your Dream Wedding Decor

SAVE yourself thousands of dollars and countless hours of time!

Complete Your Wedding Decor Quickly & Confidently.
DIY Doesn’t Have To Be Hard With A Professional Guiding You!
(Get It Done Fast & Efficiently!)
Kim Caswell’s
The Vintage Glam Collection

The Vintage Glam Collection


You can AVOID looking like an amateur with me as your mentor!

When your wedding decor is professionally coordinated-

Your ENTIRE wedding will look UPSCALE & EXPENSIVE!

No More Guessing, Stressing or Overpaying for your Wedding Decor
Decorate Your Wedding Like A Professional
(for a fraction of the cost!)
Kim Caswell’s
Kim Caswell Decorating Collections

It’s Simple…

You’ll get the CHEAT SHEETS to a professionally coordinated wedding decor masterpiece… 

You’ll learn how to create beautiful wedding backdrops, centerpieces, head and guest table decor and coordinate them all with specialty linens and complimentary lighting.

 No guessing is required.

Each decorating collection is easy to make and affordable to duplicate. You’ll get a decorating TEMPLATE with detailed diagrams, exact supply lists including the sizing you need, how many to get and where to find and every item. It couldn’t be easier!


Choose a decorating collection.

  • Copy a design as is, or,
  • Add your own creative touches and make a design completely unique to you.
  • Use the template as an example to build your own personal design on.
  • Watch the step-by-step instructions in my Video/Picture Library.
  • Download the supply list
  • Order the supplies from the wholesale list.
  • Invite your girlfriends over to help you create your decor!
You Can Do It!!!
Play with a design and make it unique to you!
Be A Decorating Superstar!


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