Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access The Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™?
The Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™ will be made available to you immediately once you complete the purchase. You will have access to all the resources, project videos, template downloads, and checklists – all instantly!

You’ll receive an email from us with your personal login to unlock the secret vault. Once you have unlocked the vault – you’ll have full access to the Blueprint, Video Library, and my Little Black Book of Wholesalers.

What about the Bonuses?
If there are any bonuses offered at the time of your purchase, they will be delivered to you immediately upon your purchase via email. Check your inbox of the email address you provided to us for the subject line “Dream Wedding Decor BONUSES.”

Do I need to be creative to use the Blueprint?
No… but, we won’t hold it against you if you are! The blueprint works for every one regardless of your creative talent. All the creative work has been done for you. You can have two left thumbs and I can make you look like you’re a creative genius! If you can read, follow instructions, cut paper, hold a glue gun and use a stapler-you can bring your dream wedding to life!

But what if I am creative?
If you are a bride who is creative and crafty to the core- then you’re going to love playing with these projects! You can follow the instructions and create the projects exactly as they are – or you can color outside the lines and add your own unique flair to them!

What is your return policy?
I’m so confident that you’ll absolutely love the Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint ™ that I’m backing it with a 30 Day-No Risk Guarantee! You have 30 days to check out The Blueprint, my How-To-Video Library and my Little Black Book of Wholesalers. And if you don’t absolutely love it- I’ll refund your money…no questions asked!

Are Any Decor Supplies Included?
No. The Blueprint doesn’t include supplies. But it will tell you where to get your supplies for the best prices! My Little Black Book of Wholesalers gives you my 10 years of purchasing experience on a silver platter. You get my personal and confidential list of Wholesalers.

These are the reputable companies that have delivered superior products, pricing and service to me in my business over the last decade. I’ve spent hundreds of hours hunting down the best products, pricing and customer service and you get to benefit from it. My experience is your win. I’ll point you to the best companies for linens to lighting, right down to the glue dots! No supplies included here…but absolutely everything else that you need.

How Long Will I Need To Create My Dream Decor?
You’ll safely need a minimum of 6 weeks from start to finish to plan, coordinate and create your decor. You”ll need a buffer of time to allow for shipping of online items. If it were me, I jump into my decor as soon as possible. The more time you have, the more you’ll enjoy the process and the more money you’ll save. Delays are costly. It’s never too soon to get started planning your wedding decor.

I live in Canada. Will your wholesale list still benefit me?
Yes it will. The wholesalers on my list ship to the US and Canada- so, you can order from all of them. These wholesale companies are based in the US, therefore, you’ll need to take the US currency and duties into account. Even with the exchange rates our Canadian brides tell us the wholesale pricing is saving substantially vs buying local retail.

How much should I plan to spend on my wedding decor?
You’ll have complete control of what you buy or don’t buy when you use the Blueprint. The designs I’ve created are both, budget and breathtaking. It’s impossible to quote a specific price for you because every wedding is different. The designs in the collection are all affordable to make and when you shop through my wholesalers, you’ll pay a fraction of what it would cost you to do your decor as an amateur.

If you’re tight on cash…You can’t afford not to use the Blueprint!
The beauty of the Blueprint is that it is specifically for brides with “Big Dreams and Little Budgets!”

And Don’t Forget… You can SELL your wedding decor after you’re done with it and get anywhere from 50-75% of your money back! Maybe even more!

My wedding is outdoors. Can I still Use the Blueprint?
Yes you can! The Blueprint was written specifically for indoor weddings- but you can apply it to any location that is covered, (such as a tent.) An outdoor wedding will require additional considerations; that you’ll need to take into account. But, the core elements are the same.
How will I decorate on my wedding day- if I can’t be there to help?
No worries. I’ve devoted an entire module to helping you delegate your decorating team to victory! I’ve created templates and instructions for your entire team. Simply edit a few details and click PRINT! Hand the instructions to your decor leader and voila! I’ll lead your team to victory for you. Oh, and, if you’re not keen on asking your family or friends for help- I’ll tell you my secret place for finding reliable, affordable helpers.

YOU CAN RELAX! While you’re sipping lattes and primping yourself to walk down the aisle, your decorating team will know exactly what to do to bring your dream wedding decor to life! I’ve got your back!


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