Yep! It Does!!!

blog cakeMetaphorically, your wedding decor is “The Icing on the Cake.” Without the icing, there’s little allure in a plain, boring, white sponge cake. Few people are salivating to dig their fork into a cake that doesn’t have any fluffy butter cream icing slathered on top.

It’s not much different with your wedding decor. If your room has no magical allure or emotional impact, your guests won’t feel connected to your room and they’ll be more eager to leave upon their last forkful of dessert.

Your wedding decor sets the stage for the entire tone of the evening. You don’t want to miss the mark here. You’ve gone to a lot of expense to make your wedding happen and you don’t want the final appearance of your room to hide it.

The last thing any bride wants is an empty lifeless room at 9pm.
It’s embarrassing. But it happens. When a wedding flat lines its usually due to an uninviting space. If your room lacks warmth and ambience your guest wont feel compelled to stick around long. The goal of your wedding decor is to engage the senses of your guests and emotionally sweep everyone up in a warm, fuzzy feeling.

When you create that warm, yummy feeling in the room, your wedding becomes a magnet for celebration that will carry the party into the wee hours of the morning.

Knowing how to properly create emotional impact in a room is an art. And up until now, that knowledge has been kept private to decorators. But not anymore! DIY brides have full access to ALL the professional secrets. Now you can professionally ice the cake yourself, (so to speak) and you can do even more affordably than ever before!

You can be the decorating star of your own wedding with my proven blueprint. Yes! You don’t have to gamble with your outcome. You can have a guaranteed spectacular outcome with my professional help!

Moral of the Story: Don’t Cheap out here! You decor makes a huge statement!  If you scrimp on the final presentation of your wedding, your guests are likely to see your entire wedding as a budget affair. All your effort and expense can get hidden behind a mediocre presentation.

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Hugs, Kim Caswell
The Wedding Decor Mentor