What Comes First? Choosing My Venue or the My Guest List?


If you answered guest list before venue selection, then you’re RIGHT! Until you have your guest list count, you won’t be able to choose a venue with any confidence or accuracy. Until you know exactly how many people are coming to your wedding, choosing a venue beforehand can be a costly mistake.

Here’s WHY…

Story: When my daughter got married a few years ago we put a deposit on a country club venue just outside of town. We were eager and excited to secure the most beautiful venue in our city so we jumped into the planning stage before we had a completed decor plan defined.

It was an expensive oversight on our part that ended up “Costing” me a Thousand Dollars.“Ouch!”

After our final head count, the country club couldn’t accommodate our guest list comfortably. The venue was too small. We ended up losing our $1000 deposit and had to scramble to find another venue. It wasn’t pretty. We had no flexibility with the date because we had already secured the church, photographer, videographer, limo etc. Yikes! It all worked out in the end. But it caused me a lot of unnecessary stress.

LESSON: I learned the importance of a DECOR PLAN and doing things in the “right order.”

Why do you need a Decor Plan? There are 4 questions you need answered first before you can confidently move forward with your wedding decor. Without these 4 questions answered, you can end up making costly mistakes and going on some detours.

Knowing the right order to do things in is just one of the hundreds of insights you’ll learn in The Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™.

Moral of this Story...Guest List Always Comes Before Venue Selection!

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Hugs, Kim Caswell
The Wedding Decor Mentor