Let’s be honest. No bride wants her wedding to be remembered as cheap or budget. And even if you are on tight wedding budget and can’t afford much, you certainly don’t want it to be obvious to your guests. Fortunately, if you play your cards right, no one has to know you’re on a small budget.

There is an easy way to making your budget less obvious to your guests.

Experiments confirm that how something is presented influences its perceived value and experience of it. For example, a nine-nine cent brownie will look and taste like a ninety-nine cent brownie when wrapped in cellophane and purchased from the gas station checkout counter.

But when presented with a flowery dollop of icing on a lacy doily and plated under candlelight, it can magically transform into a savory, ten dollar gourmet delight.

And that’s good news for brides.

Just like the brownie, with the right presentation, your budget wedding can slip under the radar of your guests noses by appealing to their visual senses as an upscale event. When your wedding decor makes a grand statement, your guests are more likely to see your wedding as a higher calibre and are less likely to notice any places you had to scrimp and cut corners.

And that’s where many DIY weddings miss a huge opportunity.

Great Gatsby Collection

The picture above is a Kim Caswell, DIY design. (The Gatsby) can be created for $575.  This includes backdrop, lighting, head table centerpieces & head table skirting.
(Your wedding decor doesn’t have to cost a lot- to look like it did!)

Budgeting brides don’t realize the impact of their decor and they shortchange their entire wedding on the easiest way to increase it’s perceived value. Instead of strategically using their decor to make their guests think its a swanky upscale affair, a brides inexperience and amateur presentation lets their DIY budget out of the bag. Your tight budget is no longer a secret.

If a wedding looks cheap, your guests will believe it was, (regardless of the cost).

Inexperienced wedding decorating is hard to hide.

The dollar a bride spends on her decor often looks like a dollar spent. But with the right decorating know-how, a dollar spent can be made to look like $10. And just like the brownie. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look like you did.

You just need to know the tricks to using affordable things that look expensive.

Find out …How to decorate your wedding with class and increase the perceived value of it without spending a fortune.

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