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I Love Creating Beautiful Things for Brides…

Kim Caswell The Wedding Decor MentorI remember how excited I was for my own wedding. I spent an entire year daydreaming about how every second would unfold. It was a huge milestone in my life where I got to be the princess in the fairy tale. It made perfect sense that I wanted everything about that day to be magnificent.

I believe that ALL brides deserve to feel like they are stepping into the pages of a fairy tale.

Long before I became a professional wedding designer and decorator, I was a DIY bride. I can relate to the challenges of not having a clue how to decorate my wedding and having no support or guidance.

Fortunately it’s different now. The internet has opened new doors that brides have never had access to before. DIY wedding decor is no longer a guarantee that the final outcome is destined to be subpar.

With the right guidance and resources, any bride can take the decorating reins and bring her creative vision to life with pride.

Helping Brides Create Their Fairy Tale Dream Wedding…

Every bride deserves to experience her dream wedding!

Unfortunately, not all brides do. There’s so much on a brides plate that often the overwhelm becomes too much for a bride. The decor gets minimal attention and the wedding gets robbed of the magical feeling it deserves. Its a shame because all the expense and effort that a couple has gone to ends up getting lost in a poor presentation.

  That’s Why I Created The Blueprint.


By sharing my decorating expertise with brides,
DIY brides get to experience their dream wedding.

Now, instead of decorating for brides…
I’m Mentoring Them.

The result has been overwhelming!
With the Blueprint a brides overwhelm becomes confidence and excitement. It makes all the difference between her enjoying the process of decorating her wedding or hating it.

It feels incredible to know that I’m making a difference.

Kim Caswell

Every Bride Deserves Her Dream Wedding…

Kim Caswell

Kim lives in Bismarck, North Dakota with her husband Mark and their two canine pooches, Molly and Meeka. A mother to two grown daughters and a precious grandson, Kim thrives on spending time with her family. When she’s not bonding with her family she’s designing new wedding decor themes and projects. It’s not uncommon for her to awaken from a dream with a brilliant idea for a project she can make for pennies.

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