Take the Stress out of your Wedding Day…Plan Ahead!


One of the biggest challenges of putting on a wedding is that everything happens in ONE hectic day. That puts a lot of stress and strain on a bride which can ripple into anxiety. But it doesn’t have to. Your wedding day can be a day of pure delight… provided you’ve planned ahead.

One of the biggest concerns for DIY brides is often the set-up and tear down of your wedding decor. You’ll be busy primping, prepping and enjoying yourself- you won’t be anywhere near the scene of your venue during set up. Therefore, you’ll need to pass that task over to a decorating team to assemble your decor masterpiece for you.

Your Wedding Decor Set-Up/Tear Down…Isn’t A Time To Wing It.

This isn’t a day to wing it! You’ll want to be impeccably organized with the delegation of your decor come your wedding day. Your team will have limited time and you want to be respectful of everyone who shows up to help. The last thing your helpers want is to be standing around twiddling their thumbs amidst a gong show. You’ll need to appoint a decor leader who can lead your team to victory and guide the tasks at hand.

If you’re like most people, you appreciate organization. And as a courtesy to your decorating team, you want to respect those who come to help out by being impeccably organized. And to do this, you’ll need to pre-plan ahead and have clear cut instructions for your team!

Your Decorating Team Will Need Good Instructions!

It took me almost a full year of decorating trial and error before I figured out all the shortcuts to set up and tear down. I made a lot of mistakes at first, but eventually I course corrected enough times that I nailed it down to an art!

“Then I got the perfect opportunity to test drive what I learned.”

 During my biggest event ever (a decor set up for 2800 people), I ended up in the hospital in emergency. I couldn’t be there for the decor set up. It was poor timing to say the least. I was frantic. It was show time and all I had was a cell phone to connect me with my team. It all worked out in the end and it gave me a chance to see the importance of good communication and organization.

I was able to instruct my team virtually because I had a SYSTEM.

I realized there was a specific order and sequence to the decorating set up. It worked! The instructions I gave my team were seamless! Several Hours later I was released from the hospital in time to see 2,800 people enjoying my beautiful masterpiece.

My team ACED IT and I wasn’t even in the room with them!

Moral of the story…If you do the work in advance and  you delegate each task appropriately, it’s easy to bring your dream decor to life. While you playfully sip lattes in hair and makeup your family and friends are helping you. With the right support, you can do anything!!!

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Hugs, Kim Caswell
The Wedding Decor Mentor