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Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™ 

Decorating Your Wedding Has Never Been Easier,

More Affordable, Less Overwhelming

Or More Breathtaking!


Here’s why DIY brides love the Blueprint.

FINALLY…There’s a NEW decorating option for brides. You don’t have to hire an expensive wedding decorator to get professional looking results, and you don’t have to struggle through it on  your own; guessing, stressing and over paying for amateur looking results.

DIY Weddings Don’t Have To Look DIY Anymore!

In Just a Few Hours At Your Computer…
You’ll Step Away With The Know-How & Resources To Breeze Through Your Wedding Decor With Confidence, Skill & Savings.


Bella Blossom Collection

With a Professional Wedding Decorating Blueprint…

You’ll Learn How To Create Your Very Own
Wedding Decor Masterpiece!

(Create Your Own Wedding Decor Design With The Blueprint
You Can Cheat & Copy One Of My Designs)

The picture above is an example of one of my design collections.
It’s called The Bella Blossom Collection.
You can see more of my collections HERE!

(For a limited time you get a FREE decorating template to one collection included for free with The Blueprint!
Each template shows you how to make the entire collection. $97 Value )


Learn How

Meet Kim Caswell

The Wedding Decor Mentor

The Creator of the Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™

About Wedding Decor 101

Helping DIY brides create professional looking wedding decor that is both breathtaking and affordable is the Kim Caswell Signature.

“I believe that ALL weddings can look breathtaking with the right know-how.

Creating your dream wedding decor is less about how much money you spend and more about where you spend it.

With my professional Blueprint, brides learn the secrets on how to  transform their ordinary banquet room into a breathtaking ballroom (without the cost of paying thousands to a decorator.)

The Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint™

Get the professional know-how and resources…but without the high price tag!
This is for the D.I.Y. bride who wants it ALL- except for the cost!

For over a decade I was the person behind the scenes creating elaborate wedding decor designs for brides. Now, instead of decorating weddings for brides, I’m mentoring brides and teaching them how they can create their own wedding decor masterpiece for a DIY price.

I’ve condensed my decade of wedding decor experience into a 5-Step Blueprint. You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to speed through decorating your wedding in half the time and for a fraction of the cost with all the resources, templates and guides that I’ve created for you.

As your Wedding Décor Mentor… I’ll guide you through all the steps of creating your own wedding decor masterpiece from start to finish (envisioning, planning, designing, creating and delegating.)

You Don’t Have To Hire a Physical Wedding Decorator Anymore…

To Look Like You Did!

Kim Caswell’s

5 Step Dream Wedding Decor


Decorate Your Wedding Like A Professional
(For A Fraction Of The Cost)

The Dream Wedding Decor Blueprint

Step 1: Define

Start Out Like a Professional

There’s a reason why professional designers start here. All masterpieces require a decor plan. Without a well-defined decor plan you’ll overpay for disappointing results. By starting here- your final outcome will be both SPECTACULAR and AFFORDABLE!

Step 2: Choose

Choose The Perfect Venue.

Not all venues are created equal. Know what makes a venue a wedding decor nightmare or a decor dream. Find out what blind spots can negatively impact your outcome. Even if you’ve already chosen your venue, you’ll benefit by knowing what to check for. Don’t be shocked on your wedding day, find out sooner than later.

Step 3: Design

Design Your Masterpiece

Learn how to professionally design a wedding decor masterpiece. Coordinate your decor elements together for a spectacular and professional look. Learn the secret to using low cost decor to create a million dollar look! Find out the secrets only professional designers know. Learn & Save thousands!

Step 4: Create

Create A Million Dollar Look!

I’m giving you the the top of the puzzle box. I’ve done all the design work for you and created multiple styles of wedding decor designs for you to copy & duplicate. Use them as is, or mix & match them. Or… make your OWN design! You get ALL my private Blueprints to EVERY collection in my gallery!

Step 5: Delegate

Bring Your Masterpiece to Life

I’ll show you to how to choose, prepare and instruct your decorating team to victory! Your decorating team will love how organized you are! Hit print on your computer & hand out the decorating instructions! It’s that simple. I’ve done this hundreds of times and I’ll show you how to do it like a PRO!

Need Decorating Ideas?

I’ve Got Lots of them!

Learn How To Create Stunning Projects…

In My Video/Picture Library

video libraryYou won’t believe what you’re capable of creating with the right instructions!

You’ll learn how to transform AFFORDABLE supplies into BREATHTAKING wedding decor!

Don’t worry you don’t need to be crafty to do this…

If you can follow instructions you can decorate like a PRO!

(You’ll have the resources and know-how to design and create your wedding decor from scratch. But if you want the easy shortcut (right now- you’ll get your choice of any one of my pre-designed decorating templates included with the Blueprint!)

I’ve done all the design work FOR you! If you like a certain project in a collection or you just want to use a template as a cookie cutter outline for your own design…it will save you a lot of time and money.

The decorating collections (in my gallery) are perfect if you need inspiration or ideas for your decor. I’ve created (6) different  wedding decor designs for you to COPY and MAKE yourself if you need ideas!

Each decorating template comes complete with diagrams, supply list, supply prices and directs you to the exact place where you’ll find the supplies.

Let my project ideas/decorating collections inspire you to create your own design or feel free to Copy them exactly as they are.

♥ Watch a step-by-step how to video
♥ Download the supply list
♥ Grab your supplies
♥ Make an affordable/professionally coordinated masterpiece yourself!

Save Yourself a Fortune…

Shop For Your Decor
(Where I Shop)

My Little Black Book of



When you know what the best supplies are to use and where you can get them- you’ll same both time and money. You won’t have to  guess on anything.

Find out where to get the BEST products, prices and quality wedding decor in the country.Kim Caswells Little Black Book of Wholesalers

You can save yourself… countless hours of your time researching and comparing prices and products.

With my “Little Black Book of Wholesalers” you can now AFFORD a whole lot MORE than you could before!

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